The Borussia Dortmund star says he expects to participate in the game for a long, long time.

Jadon Sancho hopes that he can play soccer every day till he turns 100 years old as the Borussia Dortmund celebrity says the game is going to be his”first love forever”.

Sancho has been in fantastic form for Borussia Dortmund this year, as the English star has scored 13 goals while providing 14 aids in Bundesliga play.

Additionally, Sancho, who had been the first player across Europe’s top five leagues to reach 10 goals and 10 assists, has scored two goals in the Champions League.

And, if it had been up to him, the winger would do just that indefinitely as he expects to participate in the game for quite a long time.

“I just love football. You can not really take that from me I simply love the game and love the game,” Sancho

So yeah, if I had a choice I’d play every day until I am 100 years old. But unfortunately, sometimes I’ll have to resign from soccer when my body gets older!

“Of course. Football is going to be my first love forever.”

Sancho, who joined Borussia Dortmund in 2017, revealed that he feels a duty to perform whenever he takes the field.

During his Dortmund career, he has done just that scoring 30 goals across 87 total looks for the German contenders.

“Before a match, likely listen to my songs, and because I know everybody’s seeing, especially for the fans, especially if it’s cold, I do not want them to just come and support us,” he said.

“I want them to go home smiling and be happy that they came out to the end and watched us win. I am just looking for a winner and have that winning mentality every match I enter.”

Dortmund currently sit third place in the Bundesliga, four points behind league-leaders Bayern Munich and three points behind second-place RB Leipzig.

So as to capture their title rivals, Sancho says Dortmund have to showcase more defensive field and, if they could do that, a Bundesliga name remains a possibility.

“Personally, I think when we go ahead, merely to keep our attention because our attention lacks in that area of the area,” he said.

“When we score, they score right away, and they get back in the game – that I feel like we will need to be more powerful in that, but besides that, I feel as if we play really good football.

“We connect well, we get great opportunities to score. It is about maintaining that winning mentality to the last whistle.”