Germany National Football Team manager Joachim Löw was recently interviewed by about a wide number of different things and Borussia Dortmund popped up a couple of times.

The manager was asked about the club’s talented individuals and their transfer strategy and appeared to be in favour of it. However, he did suggest that fans might get a little fed up of it in the future as the BVB are supposed to be a side that can be continually challengers to what appears to be Bayern Munich’s Bundesliga crown. If anyone does feel the Black and Yellow will be able to conquer their rivals, then they can always head to to find the best bookmakers available to place a bet.

Löw appeared to suggest that the problem would be when it comes to selling them, as they will be difficult individuals to replace and sometimes will not necessarily be the readymade talent that they require at the time.

Here is what he said when asked the following question: There is a lot of talent in the Bundesliga, such as Jadon SanchoGio Reyna, and Jude Bellingham at Dortmund. How good is this for the league’s appeal?

Löw: “It’s important for the development of a club to bring through its own youth players and to have a lot of young players in the team. The question is always what expectations are put on these players within the team and Dortmund has a very good strategy when it comes to this. They have fantastic players who are just 17 or 18 years old, but the question is how long they can hold onto these players and what happens if they lose one or two games. There is sometimes a bit of unrest in Dortmund and they often have ambitions to be champions, but it is simply a joy for the fans and for everyone else to watch Dortmund when they have 18 or 19-year-olds playing who are already so strong. There are other clubs like Leverkusen who develop very strong young players such as Kai Havertz and who do good work in the youth teams. I enjoy seeing young players of 18 or 19 playing in the first team and putting in good performances.”

Indeed, it is understandable what Löw is saying, although it can only be a good thing for the league.

Borussia Dortmund have certainly benefited by following this particular strategy and despite having already lost the likes of Christian Pulisic, they have managed to keep ahold of men such as Jadon Sancho so far.

Erling Braut Haaland is coming through perfectly well, although there will be doubts about how long they can keep him at Signal Iduna Park, whereas Jude Bellingham is starting his BVB journey.

One man that was also highlighted in the interview was Youssoufa Moukoko, an individual who is causing a stir in the developmental ranks despite being just 15-years-old.

Löw was asked his opinion of him and he certainly only had glowing reviews on the player, although he admits he has not seen it first-hand. What can we expect from someone like Youssoufa Moukoko in the future?

Löw: “I haven’t seen Moukoko live yet, but I got in touch with his coaches and spoke to [former Dortmund U19 head coach] Michael Skibbe, and I have also watched a couple of videos. It’s almost hard to believe that someone at that age can score so many goals in an U19 league against players two or three years older than him. He has a talent which you don’t come across that often, especially since age always plays a role in the youth teams. It’s difficult if you’re two years younger and you always have to keep an eye on how players develop, but Moukoko has been outstanding in the youth teams so far.”

Of course, when a player is excelling at a level far ahead of where he perhaps ought to be on the spectrum, there will always be some form of talk about his performances and it seems the Germany National Football Team manager is already aware of his talent.

Perhaps it will not be too long before he gets his chance at senior level for both club and country?